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Dinnair - Vegan

Empanadas Corn & Sweet Potatoes 3 Pieces (1-2 Portions)

Empanadas Corn & Sweet Potatoes 3 Pieces (1-2 Portions)

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For Paula, it goes without saying that Argentine folklore music plays in the background as she fills and shapes her empanadas. Born in Buenos Aires, she learned the love and craft for this delicacy from her father and brought it with her to Zurich. The "twirling" of the empanada edges by hand is a mark of quality. Traditionally, empanadas are eaten by hand - always and everywhere.

Ingredients - Vegan
Sweet potato 30%, white flour, corn 22%, coconut milk, vegan margarine (canola oil, cocoa butter), onions, chili peppers, sea salt, pepper, curry, turmeric

Bake empanadas at 200°C (convection oven 180°C) for 25-30 minutes in a non-preheated oven until golden brown. Defrosting shortens the baking time by about 10 minutes.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 889KJ / 212kcal, Fat 8g, Carbohydrates 30g, Protein 4,9g, Salt 1,1g

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